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Sizing Chart

Size Chart
A= Circumference of your chest at its widest under the armpits. Please note in the chart below the measurements shown under A=Chest Width should double than what is indicated. 
B= From base of your neck over the shoulder to the wrist, with arm by your body’s side.
C= From the base of your neck to where on your buttocks you would like the bottom of the sweater to sit.





    Additional Information

    Since each of our garments are hand knit for each order received they can be customized to fit individuals of all sizes. Most sweater and vest designs are available in children's sizes (sometimes with variations in the pattern) and can have coordinating accessories (toque, mittens, gloves, socks, and scarves) knit to match.

    The sizing chart above covers most of the adult and children sizes. Note that the body length indicated is the one that is suitable for most of the styles. However, the length can be somewhat longer or shorter on certain specialty styles and designs.

    * For Men's sizes we recommend that you order one size larger than your suit size.
    * For Women's sizes we recommend that you order two sizes larger than the fullest bust measurement.

    For sizes 48 and larger the price increases $10.00 for each size.

    "There may be slight variances in the sizing because of the item being made by hand. Each piece is as individual as the person who has knit it."

    Care Instructions: Please refer to the care label in each garment. Most of our garments can be dry cleaned or washed by hand in lukewarm water and laid flat to dry. To retain water repellency, add one teaspoon of olive oil per sweater to the rinse water to retain the fabric's natural water repellent quality.